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About Envolwe


The overall objective of the project is to increase the quality and attractiveness of VET by strengthening the cooperation between VET and micro enterprises and providing practical tools for it.

ENVOLWE will focus on transferring and further developing organisational innovations in VET sector by collecting existing innovative practices of cooperation between rural small and micro entrepreneurs and VETs. The innovative practices identified from partner countries will be complemented by the models and tools developed in more general level by previous initiatives, like Leonardo funded NEMO-project.

The good practices will be modified to fit enhancing especially the cooperation between micro enterprises and VET on practical level, and they will be piloted in nature-based entrepreneurship sector in 5 countries. In addition a long-term development plans based on the piloted models will be made in each country.


As a result of ENVOLWE there will be documented piloted models for VET-microenterprise cooperation and guidelines and piloted process descriptions for long term cooperation. These will be compiled to European Handbook for Successful VET and small & micro enterprise cooperation and disseminated widely.

The strengthened cooperation will improve the competitiveness of both VET and micro enterprises by helping the VET organisations to increase their service provision to both small and micro enterprises as well as to students and potentially providing extra source of income for nature-based entrepreneurs for off-season periods.

The target groups

The target groups of ENVOLWE are VET organizations and actors as well as small and micro entrepreneurs and their networks.

Project activities

There will be a documentation tool for describing present cooperation models of VETs and micro and small enterprises. It will be available on the project website for any interested VET or enterprise representatives to provide a description of their own successful models of co-operation. Those will be presented in a table allowing also comparisons between different models describing also their benefits and risks. It will be a free electronic publication, accessible on the project website with user instructions. All submitted descriptions will be added to the website for public use.

Following publications will be delivered:
• Summary report of the present cooperation practices of VETs and micro and small enterprises and the relevant national and European policies.
• Case report of the piloted 5 cooperation models.
• Compedium report of the cooperation plans of VETs and SME organizations.
• European Handbook for Successful VET and Small & Micro Enterprise Cooperation.
• ENVOLWE website for disseminating the good practises of VET and micro and small enterprise cooperation.


For achieving the widest possible visibility and recognition, ENVOLWE will cooperate with VET and NBE networks also in disseminating the project results. The seminars, web pages and newsletters of NBEs will be a valuable additional asset to the project.

Envolwe project will publish 4 e-Newsletters in connection to the benchmarking and transfer workshops and deliver 4 e-Reports of the benchmarking and transfer workshops. It will also publish practical articles (national or transnational) by each main partner in connection to the major results and publications of the project and deliver presentations of the project by each main partner in national or transnational seminars or conferences for VET and/or SME organizations.

Project publishes all the project reports on this website in English in Pdf-format, with summaries in the VET-partners’ languages (FI, EE,IT, NO).

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