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European Handbook for Successful VET and Small & Micro Enterprise Cooperation is the end-product of the project, in which all the results of the project are combined for a practical guide for primarily VET actors. The handbook is a free electronic publication and available on the project in English with executive summaries on the work languages (FI, EE, IT,NO) of the partners.

The aim of this handbook (below) is to give guidance on VET and small and micro enterprise co-operation in an easily readable form. It compiles the experiences and lessons learnt in the project. The examples presented in the handbook refer to the pilot activities implemented by educational and VET providers of several European countries (Estonia, Finland, Italy, Norway and United Kingdom) who have been testing innovative cooperation models with nature based entrepreneurs. From the pilot processes and presented cases the following guidelines can be put together to keep in mind the key issues when planning a co-operation process with rural small and micro companies


European Handbook for Successful Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Small Business Co-opera


Handbook in printable format


Executive summary of the Handbook


Käsikirjan tiivistelmä suomeksi


Executive summary in Norwegian


Executive summary in Estonian


Executive summary in Italian

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